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High School Diploma
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Both day and evening classes are available. We also offer a variety of different ways to earn credits: direct instruction classes for English and math, self-paced high school subject classes, online courses, and work experience credits.

Direct Instruction Classes
Similar to a regular high school classroom, the class is taught by a teacher using a variety of different instructional methods to accommodate all learning styles.

Self-Paced High School Subjects Classes
Designed to be a quiet classroom where a student can work on a variety of subjects at his/her own pace. A teacher is available to answer questions and offer support to the student.

Online Courses
Edgenuity offers online courses. If working from home, students meet with the teacher for an orientation meeting and once a month for follow-up. Clovis Adult also offers the online program as a class on campus.

Work Experience
Students can earn up to 25 credits for work experience which must be verified by the counselor.

How do I enroll?
1. Register any time during the year
2. Sign-up for a placement test in Administration Office
3. Fill out a registration form
4. Bring a valid Driver License or I.D. card
5. Must be 18 years or older
6. Attend orientation
7. Bring high school transcript from previous high school

What are the requirements for graduation?
- 180 credits for 19 years and older
- 210 credits for 18 years old
- Earn credits in required subjects

The Academic programs are accredited by WASC only; these programs do not qualify for Title IV financial aid assistance.

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